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The civil engineering construction is a critical component that is the foundation of bridge and underground structure in almost all highways and railroads, and as such, it requires not only stringent safe requirement, but that is also economical, environment friendly and future-oriented, in this regard Daehan Engineering & Construction is forerunner is this industry as it possesses extensive experiences and expertise in planning and implementing various turn-key and bridge, underground construction and in-house facilities that will meet the requirements of all our clients.

Main Accomplishment
  • Bridges design of National Road No.24 Damyang-Sunchang Highway Project.
  • Bridges design of Mia-Samyang Eletric Railroad Project.
  • Bridges design of Railroad(Yeongtong-Bangjuk) Ori-Suwon Metro-Subway Project.
  • Bridges design of Kyunggeon Railroad 10th section (Bansung-Jinju).
  • Structural design of Jecheon City Sewage treatment facility Project.
  • Detailed design of Sangdo Tunnel Repair Project.
  • Bridges design of Hwaseong city west bypass Road project.
  • Bridges design of Damyang-Seongsan Expressway extention(6th section)Project.
  • Bridges design of Songhyun-Nampyung local road Project.