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The expansion of the economy and the necessity of road and airport go hand in hand.
The development of the road, from the beginning of the history has played a vital part in advancing the commerce activities and has contributed to the formation of infrantructure that is critical in expanding the local as well as the national economy.
Daehan Engineering & Construction has contributed to the building of national infrastructure by participating in numerous projects involving basic planning, feasibility study, execution drawing, inspection, etc. consequently, we are confident of our abilities to successfully carry out any project that comes our way.

Main Accomplishment
  • Detailed design of Ildong-Youngjung Road Extension and Pavement project
  • Detailed design of the 43th National Highway Yuijeongbu-Pochon project
  • Detailed design of Sanglim-Haepyung Road Extension project
  • Design review of Changchon-Balsan Road Extension Project
  • Design review of the 25th national highway Project (1st section of Nonsan-Jeonju)
  • Design review of the 2'nd national highway Socheon-Seomyeon Project
  • Detailed design of Pyungchang-Jeongseon Road Extension project
  • Detailed design of Hwaseong city west bypass Road project
  • Detailed design of Hwaseong city Taean Road project
  • Design review of Guri-Pocheon expressway Project (4th section)