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With the exponential increase in the population and expansion of city, the need for clean water and handling of wastewater is now more than ever important for our health and environment.
Daehan Engineering & Construction, with the accumulated experiences in planning and designing of clean water management, as well as in handling of sewage and wastewater disposal, hopes to contribute to the well-deing of our society and the environment.

Main Accomplishment
  • Detailed design of Rexfield Country Club Water Supply Establishment Works
  • Basic & Detailed design of Iksan city Final Sewage Disposal Plant
  • Repair & Reinforcement Works Construction Design of Bokwang Water Supply Gates, Other 4area
  • Detailed design of Dual System (1,2 Water Gate of Junggok)
  • Detailed design of Repairing Sewage System in Iksan city
  • Repair & Reinforcement Works Design of Jangsung Water Treatment Plant, other 5 Plants
  • Reinforcement Works Design of Chunho 1st Gate, Other 11Gates
  • Detailed design of Imjin river Final Sewage Disposal Gate
  • Basic & Detailed design of Saemal storm water pump station
  • Basic & Detailed design of Jayangdong storm water pump station
  • Detailed design of Military Water Supply Establishment Works