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Business Summary

Stucture movement management and feedback based on the surveyed results

  • Create onsite countermeasures for any possible risks and dangers following the suvey management
  • Secure the safety and construction management via measurement analysis

Construetion Measurement in Retaining Walls

The Korea`s Leading Instrumentation Contractor, Strength is the Supply and installation of Automated Multi-Sensor Systems and Front-End Software.
This Allows Engineers the Ability to Measure Large Numbers of Sensors Installed on Can Be Easily Viewed and Understood. The Combination of the Vast
Experience of Retaining Instruments and the Cutting Edge Technology of Standard Forms a Company Comitted to Providing Quality Products and Service to Our Customers, There is the Real Time Mesurement Through a Internet Foundation ot Estimate. The Continuative Safety of a Important Structure.

Construetion Measurement in Tunnels

Tunnels are Generally Divided into Two Types:Those in Soft Ground and Those in Hard Ground and Those in Hard Ground, or Rock.

As the Approach th Their Construction and Instrumentation is Somewhat Different.
Tunnels in Soft Ground Instruments.

Tunnel in Soft Guound are Usually Constructed by using a Tunnel Shield or the New Austrian Tunneling Method (NATM). One of the Prime Concerns is the Risk of Settlement of the Ground Above the Thnnel,
Tunnels in Rock or Hard Ground Instruments

Tunnels in Hard Rock are Relatively Easy to Construct, Requiring Little or no Extra Support During Construction. The Main Area of concern is From Discontinuities of Softea areas in the Rock, Which Cns Put Pressure on the Tunnel Walls.