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Business Summary

Pursuant to Article 30, Clause 4 of City Gas Enterprise Act, In the area where gas is provided, for the prevention of underground pipe facility accident while excavating, through the confirmation of the gaspipe laying condition. prior cooperation of city gas supervisor, and via gas safety construction examination, abide to the safety standard regulation, securing the safety of those all involved.

An subject of write out Gas Diasester Effect Evaluation Report

Pursuant to Article 30, Clause 4-1 & an Enforcement Ordiance 8 of City Gas Enterprise Ace Construction Works in which Gas Pipes Runs through

  • An Electric Railway
  • An Underground Footpath
  • An Underground Shopping Center
  • An Underground Roadway
An Contents of Examination Gas Diasaster Effect Evaluation Report

Pursuant to Enforcement Regulation Article 54, Clause 1of City Gas Enterprise Art

  • A Extent of Gas Pipe Can be Influenced Owing to Construction works
  • Judgement Change Necessity of Construction Works Plan
  • Movement of Gas Facilities, Temporary Stopping, Pipe Change and Protection Works, Refering Date, Safety Supervisor
  • Safety Rules and Entrance Date, Entrance Way
  • Charge of Safety Supervision
  • The Others
Task Accomplishment Flow