Safety Examination

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Business Summary
  • Construction onsite regular safety examination and datail inspection pursuant to Constuction Technology Management Law
  • Safety examination following the commerce safety and health measures
  • Check on the surrounding buildings, both before and after the construction in city area
  • Initial examination before the construction
  • Safety inspection plan, measures to counter possible risks and dangers, creation of total plan as an agent
  • Slope (cutting, pilling up) and revetment safety evaluation
  • Evaluation on the effret of surrounding facilities after the blasts
  • Safety Management System Construction
  • Court Appointed Analyst : construction damage, fee, compensation for loss, auction, etc.

Main Accomplishment
  • Initial Structure Inspection Consultation of Youngjong Grand Bridge& Bang Hwa Grand Bridge
  • Initial Structure Inspection of Cheongdam Grand Bridge
  • Initial Structure Inspection of Woomyunsan Tunnel
  • Initial Structure Inspection of Gaya-Sasang Railroad Project
  • Preliminary Investigation Consultation of Incheon National Airport Railroad Project Section 2-3A
  • Preliminary Safety Influence Estimation Consulting of Buildings around the Seoul Metro-Subway Project Section 9-1, Other 10 sections
  • Stability Analysis Consulting of Soil Cutting Slope on Ansung-Yangsung Road Project
  • Construction Damage Legal Estimation Consulting about Seoul Metro-Subway Line No.7
  • Periodical safety Inspection of structure on High Way No.30 Sangju-Youngdok Line
  • Periodical safety Inspection of Yulchon power plant complex project
  • Periodical safety Deognosis of Danyang under-water Dam Project
  • Safety Inspection of Subway construction
  • Safety Inspection Tunnel Construction
  • Safety Inspection Bridge Construction
  • Safety Inspection Water supply facilities