Safety Examination

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Business Summary
  • Regular safety examination, datail inspection and detail safety inspection pursuant to special law on facility safety measures
  • Re-construction safety measures pursuant to Resident Promotion Construction
  • Safety measures Foolowing the apartment administration ordinance
  • Facility safety examination following the changes in load, usage and others
  • Evaluation on the re-usage of existing structure after expansion repair works
  • Safety examination on remodeling
  • Examination on the damage and loss after natural disaster
  • Road safety examination
  • Heavy load transport route examination and reinforcement work

Main Accomplishment
  • Precision Structure Diagnosis Consulting from Fire Demage (Dal sung tunnel)
  • Precision Structure Diagnosis Consulting of Railroad Bridges ( Honam, Ahocheon Bridge, other 26 Each)
  • Precision Structure Inspection of Seoul Olympic Stadium, other Stadiums of 10
  • Precision Structure Diagnosis Consulting of Main facility (POSCO, Gwangyang Steel Plant)
  • Precision Structure Diagnosis Consulting for Rebuilding "Cheongdam samik APT)
  • Safty Influence Estimation Consulting of Road Side Old Buildings in Cheongye Stream Restoration Project
  • Influence Analysis Consulting of Road the Subsidence (Incheon Subway Project)
  • Investigation Service about Heavy Rain Damage of The Power Transmission Track(345kv, Uljin-Taebaek)
  • Precision Diagnosis Consulting of Caisson for Inchon North-Port
  • Fire Accidents Precision Diagnosis of Dalsung Tunnel in Daegu city
  • Datail safety Investigation of Bridges using Ladder
  • Detail safety Investigation of Bridges using Flexible
    Ladder vehicle
  • Detail safety Investigation of tunnel Demage from fire
  • Detail safety Investigation consulting of Box Culvert