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Remodeling contributes to extend structural duration preventing deterioration in buildings, and it makes spaces in buildings more convenient and pleasant through extension, reconstruction, and repair of buildings without any change of fundamental structures. ‘Daehan Engineering and Construction’ performs safety analysis of existing structures for successful remodeling and reinforcement works. and it also performs structural designing works including reinforcement designing and earthquake-resistant design analysis with application of admissible technology to the on-site situations and objectives.
Major Business Sector
  • Safety analysis of structures on remodeling
  • Safety analysis of structures on alteration of the purpose of use
  • Safety analysis of structures on extension
  • Aseismatic analysis of structures for reinforcement
  • Designing for repair and reinforcement
Main Accomplishment
  • Hehwadong Post-office Remodeling Design
  • Dongiakgy Sports-center Reinforcement Design for Extension
  • Samby Sporex Building Reinforcement Design and supervision
  • Gyungju Concorde Hotel Remodeling Design
  • Wawoo, Munjung elementary School Earthquake-res istant Design and supervision
  • Wolbong Apartment basement garage structure Design and supervision for Reinforcement
  • Hyuin-tec Factory Building Design of repair and reinforcement
  • Gyungju Concorde Hotel
  • Dongiakgy Sports-center
  • Wawoo elementary School
  • Gyungju Concorde Hotel framework modeling
  • Gyungju Concorde Hotel structure analysis
  • Wawoo elementary School modelling